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We take a multidisciplinary approach to investigate fundamental problems in microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, omics, and microbial community interactions using sulfur metabolism as a model. Our lab actively pursues both computational and molecular methods in microbiology towards answering these questions. Research opportunities in our group are available in a wide variety of fields ranging from microbiology, virology, bioinformatics, and biogeochemistry.

Graduate students: We encourage graduate students to apply from a diverse range of backgrounds including biology, chemistry, environmental science/engineering, bioinformatics, and geology. Students can enter our laboratory though the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (MDTP), Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine Training Program (CIBM), Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program (EC&T), Freshwater and Marine Sciences Program (FMS), and the Department of Geoscience. Prospective students are encouraged to contact Karthik Anantharaman.

Postdoctoral Researchers: Prospective postdocs should contact Karthik Anantharaman.

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